Our guaranteed geese deterrents feature a solar-powered light that is scarcely noticeable to humans but is very disruptive to the sleep of the geese, causing them to find another habitat after just a few restless nights. The solar-powered lights charge each day and flash 360 degrees, every two seconds from dusk to dawn, at eye-level of the geese. All geese deterrent products require no maintenance and the durable ABS plastic of their bases will withstand any weather conditions. Each unit will get rid of geese in a 75-yard radius. There is a unit for every type of landscape.

We are the industry expert; we know how to get rid of geese and keep them off your lawn. Since we started 11 years ago, we’ve sold over 16,000 geese repellent products and we are proud to say that our success rate is over 97%. This is how we can guarantee that you will be satisfied with the results. If for some reason you are not satisfied after 90 days, you can return the unit(s) up to 180 days after purchase for a full refund. Additionally, there is a two-year warranty on all parts.

If you think our maintenance-free and guaranteed solution sounds too good to be true, please check out our Testimonials. It’s full of property managers and home owners that no longer have geese, thanks to our product that delivers on its promise.