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Water Unit



The Water Unit is recommended for use in ponds, lakes, retention areas and any waterway where unwanted geese are a problem. This floating unit features an amber 360-degree solar-powered LED light that flashes every two seconds, from dusk to dawn, year-round.

  • The light is mounted on a base comprised of ¼ inch thick ABS black plastic that is configured completely in a one-piece design so there are no seams or points of weakness. It will never fade, crack, or need to be replaced.
  • The base is specially designed to effectively displace water and maximize its stability, despite any strong winds and possible choppy waters. Boat hulls informed the shape and ratios of the base design; we have never had a report of one tipping over.
  • 5 pounds of added ballast keeps the unit weighted and a built-in eyebolt is used to keep it localized when tethered to a cinder block. With a recommended 10 feet of slack in the line, the unit is able to float in a small circular area, when moved by wind or current. This movement adds an additional level of deterrence for the geese.
  • NOTE: a cinder block and a tether rope are required for installation, but are not included.
Geese Disruptor
Solar-powered LED
Effortless Installation
Durable Design

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 11 in
Product Dimensions

11” H x 15” W

Product Weight

12 lbs


Two-Year Parts Warranty:
All Away With Geese™ products carry a two-year parts warranty. We will replace any part – including the light assembly – that may go bad, for up to two years after the initial purchase, provided that the product was used as directed and not physically damaged or vandalized.

The Science Behind 
Away With Geese

We understand the challenges that geese can pose in parks, athletic fields, golf courses, and other public areas. That's why we've developed an innovative approach that outperforms traditional methods, making geese deterrence more efficient and sustainable.
We never could rid ourselves of the 50-200 geese that claimed our yard as home. After installing the Water Unit, we saw the geese numbers decline to zero in just a week. You sell a great product that I wish I was aware of years ago. 
The Land Manager of our three reservoirs and over 9,500 acres of watershed property fully endorses the effectiveness of the Water Unit. We can report no issues with quality, reliability, or customer service and hope to replicate our results in other locations.
I have personally witnessed the lights’ effect on the geese and it is amazing to see. Within 2 weeks, the geese were gone and have not returned.

Frequently Asked

We are a family owned and operated business that has developed this product, fine-tuned the design, and delivered exceptional customer service and care since 2005. As industry leaders with over 32,000 units sold and a 97% success rate, we feel incredibly confident in our product and its ability to solve your geese problem. Our satisfaction guarantee can further assure you that you have nothing to lose in this investment in regaining control of your property. Here is how it works: Request a Property Analysis so you know how many units, which type and the placement that you’ll need. Then go ahead and follow our recommendations for your property and give Away With Geese a try. If you are not happy with the results for any reason, give us a call at 513.941.6730; we’re happy to troubleshoot with you. If after 90 days you are still not happy with the results, you have until 180 days from the date of purchase to return it to us and get your money back.

To get a customized recommendation of what you will need for successful geese deterrence at your property, fill out this quick Property Analysis form. With this information about your location, we will give you an expert recommendation on what is right for your property. We take a snapshot of the problem area using a satellite image, measure it and recommend the unit model, quantity, and their most effective placement for complete coverage. We will provide you with this free and personalized recommendation and quote via email within 24 business hours.

Unfortunately, it will not. Our units are designed to work with geese that are on/near your property at night. They are solar powered and turn off and charge during the day and then flash throughout the evening night (from dusk to dawn). We recommend that you observe the geese to see if they are around at night, or even in the dusk and dawn hours. If the geese are only there during the day, then our product is not the one for you.

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