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Have Geese Taken Over Your Property?

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RuinWalkwaysicons 1

Ruin Sidewalks
and Grass

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Threaten and
Attack People

Stop Traffic

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Are Noisy
and Invasive

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Ruin Walkways

and Streets

Rooted in Science, Driven By Results

Experience the Power of Innovation 
with Away With Geese

These weather-resistant units ensure year-round protection. Say goodbye to geese intrusion as Away With Geese products encourage them to seek new habitats, leaving your property peaceful and goose free!

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The Science Behind Away With Geese

360 Degree Pulse of Light 
with 100-Yard Reach

Did you know that geese often sleep with one or both of their eyes open? They can shut off half of their brain to sleep while the other half is aware of their surroundings. The Away With Geese unit emits a pulse of light every 2-3 seconds that puts the geese on high alert and disrupts their ability to sleep. This permanently alters the feel of the habitat. Because geese like to sleep in the same area that they inhabit during the day, they will soon choose to leave and find a new habitat that allows them to rest, leaving your property goose free.

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Meeting Them at Eye Level

The light pulse is at eye level with the geese – too dim and low to bother people and pets but highly annoying to the Canada Geese. Geese like to sleep in the same area that they inhabit during the day. Away With Geese permanently alters the feel of the habitat. They will choose to leave to find a new habitat that allows them to rest. With the light in their eyes, the unit’s 100-yard reach, and our recommendations on unit placement for complete coverage, the geese cannot escape the feeling of insecurity and choose to relocate.

From Dusk Till Dawn

At dusk the geese begin to settle for the evening in an area that feels safe from predators and threats. At this time, the Away With Geese unit begins to send a slow pulse of light that meets that geese at eye level, changing the feel of the habitat and their ability to sleep. At dawn, the pulse stops and the battery recharges all day via the solar panel, ready to begin again at dusk.

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