Geese Destroy Yards, Create Filth, Make the Outdoors Unenjoyable

Away With Geese units are designed to deter geese from yards with no upkeep required. It's risk-free and guaranteed to work.

res-bannerGeese oftentimes start off in small numbers in back yards. They enjoy the freshly-cut grass, and maybe the water nearby, and end up staying because there are no predators and it is a safe place for them to be day and night.

While many find having a few geese on their property enjoyable, the number of geese never stays small. When geese fly overhead and see that other geese, that signals to them that it is an ideal habitat, and they join the current geese, and the population increases. Further compounding the population increase are the geese that are losing their migratory instincts, and staying year round.

We have talked to some homeowners that no longer can use their lakeside backyard because of the inevitable mess and filth that come with geese. We often hear from people that have tried several different geese deterrent methods before they found us. They are exasperated by the battle of it and are upset to have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars, to find themselves still having the geese in their yard. This struggle makes some feel that our promise is too good to be true, until they try it (satisfaction guarantee: There is nothing to lose!), and get rid of their geese for good (see Successes).

The Geese Population is Growing, and so is the Damage and Disease

There are over 10 million geese currently residing in the United States, and a growing number of suburban communities that include water and/or landscape features that offer an ideal habitat for geese. With the geese population increasing dramatically every year, the damage and health threat at homes is too pervasive to ignore.

  • The geese degrade yards quickly, with each goose leaving 2-4 pounds of excrement per day. As the population of the geese increases, the abundance of excrement makes the grass unusable. While a few geese can be tolerable, 30 geese multiplied by about 3 pounds of excrement per day (90 pounds of droppings every day!) is a problem for everyone. We’ve heard stories of homeowners picking it up by the wheelbarrow before they found us.
  • Studies have confirmed the presence of bacteria, parasites and human pathogens in goose feces. The presence of feces in water or on ground is a very legitimate health concern. In residential yards, this is a heightened concern, as children play, sit and have their hands on the grass, making transmission of disease more likely. Ingesting water in residential ponds and beaches is a common method of documented transmission.
  • Geese feed by grazing on the grass while they walk on land, and can eat an incredible amount of grass per day, leaving the lawn coverage sparse.
  • Geese can make yards a hassle rather than an asset; instead of enjoying the yard, property owners spend their time picking up geese excrement and attempting to repair the damage done to the grass.
  • They are aggressive towards people, especially while nesting and rearing their goslings. Hundreds of geese attacks occur every year, with geese chasing and biting, resulting in injuries ranging from small scratches to broken bones suffered during falls.
  • Geese feces have been implicated in the eutrophication of ponds; it has high nitrogen content, and when it rains the feces laden runoff filters to the ponds it causes algal blooms and fish kills.


Away With Geese is Guaranteed to Deter Geese from Residential Properties.

Away With Geese is a guaranteed solution to prevent and deter geese from Residential Properties. Our units are solar powered LED amber lights that flash every two seconds in 360 degrees every night, from dusk to dawn in a 75 yard radius. They are mounted on ¼ inch thick black ABS plastic that is incredibly durable; the units are designed to withstand all seasons and any weather. The lights disturb the geese at night, causing them to be restless and insecure in that place, leading them to move to another location entirely, as they prefer to forage and sleep in the same area. The lights are bright for the geese, as they have incredibly sensitive eyesight; however, to people they appear very dim, and will not be annoying in the least. In ten years, we have never had a complaint.

Our units are specially designed for the various landscapes typical of Residential Properties. They are also designed for effortless installation, and to be easily moved if so desired. These units are for the geese problems on land (Residential Unit); in ponds and waterways (Water Unit); and for docks (Dock Unit). Like all of our units, these come with a two-year parts warranty and satisfaction guarantee. They require no maintenance, and only have to be turned on once. Request a free Placement Study and we will use Google Earth to take a snapshot of your problem area, and recommend the type of and number of units, and their most effective placement, via email.

  • Residential Unit – This unit is made for yards and private grassy areas where geese need to be deterred. They are installed by simply inserting the stake at the bottom of the unit into the grass, so they are easy to move to a new location, or for grass cutting needs. The lights are dim to the human eye and are not disturbing to the owners or their neighbors in the least.
  • Water Unit – The Water Unit floats in the pond/water body to deter geese from the water area where they sleep at night. This unit floats is tethered and anchored so that it stays in this area, which allows it to move in a small circular area. We have found this movement adds an additional level of deterrence for the geese.
  • Dock Unit – The Dock Unit controls geese that gather on the dock, and also in the surrounding water or adjacent land. This unit is also recommended for those that live on a lake with restrictions on what can kept in the water of individuals’ lakefronts. It comes with a bracket that allow for the unit to be easily installed on the side of the dock.