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How to Winterize an Away With Geese Water Unit

  1. Release the Water Unit from the cord by untying the knot at the bottom of the unit.
  2. In order to keep the cord in the same place for the next Spring, tie the cord to a floatation device (a simple empty milk jug with the lid on will work).
  3. Remove the Water Unit from the water.
  4. Remove the light from the top of Water Unit by securely holding the base of the unit and pulling the light straight up from the unit.
  5. To turn the light off, turn the light assembly over and locate the ‘ON|OFF’ label. Take the pin that was included with the unit (or a straightened paper clip) into the small hole below the label and lightly push. You will feel and hear the button click to ‘OFF’.
  6. To ensure that it is turned off, take the unit into a darkened room or closet and you should see that the unit is not flashing.
  7. Power washing the base of the unit before storage is recommended but not necessary.
  8. Contact us at with any questions.