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Cincinnati Goose Deterrent Business Partners with Lake Superior Watershed Conservancy

Cincinnati, OH April 1, 2013 – Local family-owned and operated goose deterrent business,

Away With Geese (AWG) is proud to announce their partnership with the Lake Superior Watershed Conservancy (LSWC). LSWC is an international non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring the long-term sustainable health of the Lake Superior watershed through basin-wide communication, education, scientific study, preservation and conservation of Lake Superior and its ecosystems.

AWG is donating a percentage of their 2013 profits to LSWC to support their efforts to maintain the long-term sustainable health of this watershed. At the core of AWG is the value of environmental stewardship and respect for animals and nature. The AWG products deter geese and put an end to the ecosystem imbalance they cause, allowing the health of waterways to be restored. This is accomplished by an effective and simple flashing light; it is solar powered, humane, and has no negative effects on the environment or wildlife.

AWG is excited to begin this partnership to bolster the work of the LSWC to maintain the health of the world’s largest freshwater lake. According to AWG President, Tom Wells, “We are proud that our corporate values align with such an organization that is doing indispensable work for one of our world’s great natural treasures. Through our work, we will continue improve water quality in an environmentally friendly way. We are motivated by the knowledge that our success will contribute to that of the Lake Superior watershed.”

An AWG unit is a patented solar-powered 360-degree flashing light solution, that is scarcely noticeable to humans but is very disruptive to the sleep of the geese, causing them to find another habitat after just a few restless nights. Proven and trusted by professionals worldwide since 2006, AWG is the only goose deterrent that comes with a money-back 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 24-month warranty. It is ideal for sports fields, golf courses, flat rooftops, picnic and commercial areas, or any pond or lake where goose droppings, aggressive behavior and goose destruction have become a problem. For more information contact Tom Wells at 513.941.6730 or visit

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