Away With Geese Featured as ‘Innovative and Humane’ Solution

Report Showcases Success of Product at Ridding Geese from Local Golf Course

Away With Geese stands out for a lot of reasons- we are guaranteed, humane, environmentally friendly, and sustainable. These are all things that are super important to us, which is why it’s great to be recognized as such. This video is by Cincinnati’s Local WLWT News, done as a follow-up to another piece about how incredibly messy and aggressive geese can be in the area. The segment features Traditions Golf Club, where our Water Units have worked so well in one of their ponds that they’ve installed it in all the others. The reporter goes on to say that they had to use footage of geese from their previous report, because there were none at Traditions Golf Club to film. They are one of our longest standing customers, and one of the several thousand happy ones.