New York Times Recommends Away With Geese

Real Estate Section of NYT touts AWG as Solution to Messy Problem

The New York Times addressed how to get rid of geese from yards in the Real Estate section of the publication, and of all the companies in the geese deterrent field, they listed us (among few others). We are honored to be recommended by one of the finest of publications as a solution to this irritating and gross problem that plagues many homeowners.

I am happy to take this moment to contrast our solution to the others listed. In this company of goose deterrents, we are the only one that has all of these: satisfaction guarantee, maintenance free, and cost-effective. Oftentimes people call us having used several ‘solutions’ before they found Away With Geese; they have a shelf in their garage dedicated to these disappointing ‘solutions’. We encourage you to try us before you begin a collection of other things that don’t work. Our products are all satisfaction guaranteed, so if for some reason it doesn’t work for you – after 90 days to 180 days after purchase – you can return it for your money back. But we think it will work for you; our 97% success rate gives us good confidence to say so.