Get Rid of Costly Geese from Your Property Once and for All

Geese Infesting a Public Space
Away With Geese is a guaranteed solution to prevent and deter geese from Commercial Properties. Our units are solar powered LED amber lights that flash every two seconds in 360 degrees every night, from dusk to dawn in a 75 yard radius. They are mounted on ¼-inch-thick black ABS plastic that is incredibly durable; the units are designed to withstand all seasons and any weather. The lights disturb the geese at night, causing them to be restless and insecure in that place, leading them to move to another location entirely, as they prefer to forage and sleep in the same area.

Maintenance Free

Maintenance Free
Our products are maintenance free. The lights are solar powered and the photo cell automatically activates at dusk and deactivates at sunrise. The units require no upkeep.

Untroubling to People

Untroubling to People
Our units do NOT effect people. The light proves very annoying to geese, as they have incredibly sensitive eyesight, but to humans the light is dim and scarcely noticeable.

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly
Our units are environmentally friendly and have no impact on the natural landscape.

Humane for the Geese

Humane for Geese
Our products offer a humane solution to goose problems. Though they annoy the geese enough to relocate, they have no ill effect on them.

Cost Effective & Sustainable

Cost Effective
Our products offer a long lasting, cost effective solution to goose problems. Once properly installed, they will put an end to the problem, once and for all.

Our units are specially designed for the various landscapes typical of Commercial Properties. They are also designed to keep them safe from vandalism and theft in these public areas. These units are for the geese problems on land (Industrial Unit); in ponds and waterways (Water Unit); and for flat commercial roof tops (Roof Unit). Like all of our units, these come with a two-year parts warranty and satisfaction guarantee. They require no maintenance, and only have to be turned on once. Request a free Placement Study and we will use Google Earth to take a snapshot of your problem area, and recommend the type of and number of units, and their most effective placement, via email.