Geese Fear Wells Family

Family owned company prevents mess problem

From The Cincinnati Enquirer, May 5, 2013 by Val Prevish, Enquirer contributor When a large flock of geese suddenly began gathering on Elder High School’s 65-acre athletic complex two years ago, leaving droppings where students practiced and played games, the school’s facilities manager, Dick McCoy, knew he needed to do something fast. “The first day… 

Away With Geese deterrent featured on DIY Network

One Cincinnati entrepreneur’s latest invention is getting national attention for easily and effectively getting rid of the pesky Canada Geese that many a Midwesterner is familiar with. AwayWithGeese, developed by Thomas Wells of Sayler Park, has been on the market for seven years. The solar-powered device works by emitting bursts of light that simulate the… 

Goal: Clean fields

Device takes aim at changing goose behavior

The Valley Breeze (Cumberland, RI) By Paul Dubois, Sports Editor CUMBERLAND – They’ve been a source of complaints for years, have damaged untold athletic fields and lawns, and their droppings are creating health hazards. Canadian geese – or more accurately, Canada geese. You’ve seen them congregating in open fields wherever there is a nearby pond….